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TorGUI - Main Idea

Phase 1 of the TorGui-Competition is completed. Read the feedback to my submission.

This is my submission for the Tor-GUI Competition. I only take part in "Phase 1" so here are sketches only, no code. The aim of the contest is to produce a GUI that
  1. constantly let's the user know, how anonymous he/she is,
  2. is easy to use and
  3. gives the user maximum control.
To accomplish 1), give a visual feedback all the time. Mine is derived from the Tor-logo and uses different colors to announce different levels of anonymity.

status:none Tor is not running. status:error Tor is running, but something's really not working.
status:could be better Tor is running, but it could be better, e.g. more servers. status:mmkay Tor is running. Could be better, but okay, if you don't need really strong anonymity.
status:fine Tor is running and everything's working fine!   Click here to download the icons as .eps-Files

To give this feedback there are several possibe ways:
  • If the user already has some constantly visible area (Windows Taskbar, gkrellm, you name it), employ it for the tor-feedback too.
  • If not, make a little icon (32 x 32px) which stays visible all the time. The user can choose a corner to show it. I suggest the bottom left one, which rarely holds important information. (I love to be the designer, not the implementor ;)))
  • If one only needs tor for a certain application, it could be integrated in it directly. Imagine Firefox with a tor-status-icon next to the "Home"-button :)

The icon has two modes:

  • Default: The icon always shows the tor-status of the browser.
  • Advanced: The icon always shows the tor-status of the currently focused application.


If an error occurs, the least notification is the red-status-icon. Depending on the frequency of errors or the need for dependability of tor working correctly the user can enable more eye-catching mechanisms:

  • Few errors: A message pops up and/or a sound.
  • Medium errors: The red icon blinks frenetically.

So, this should do the trick for 1). Let's move on to 2) and 3).

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